Wed to the Bear

  A Marriage of Convenience...with the wrong groom

Werebear Stryker Vane volunteers to pick up his brother’s soon-to-be-wife at the airport. What he doesn't anticipate is a last-minute phone call telling him the wedding is off. Stryker expects a heartbroken she-bear, but the curvy brunette with intriguing green eyes and spunky attitude is nothing like he imagined.

A desperate bride...

Ava Perello still needs to marry someone fast and she's not picky! When drop-dead, sexy, Stryker offers to come to her rescue and marry her himself, she can’t refuse. His passionate lovemaking and unfailing devotion make her swoon. But she can't fall in love with her husband. Because when he finds out the truth about why she married him, things could get complicated. 


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