Happy Holidays

As if life isn’t stressful enough—we get the holidays! Yay!
I remember as a kid listening to my Mom and Grandma discussing the pros and cons of having the annual family Christmas party at my Grandma’s house or not, and they couldn’t understand why one of the other aunt’s wouldn’t offer up their house for the party since my Grandma had out-of-town guests at hers. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Just have it at Grandma’s house. It’s more fun.
Well, sure it’s fun--for the kids. I didn’t appreciate all the work my Grandma did to host the annual Christmas Eve “get-together” of approximately 40-50 relatives. This was a full meal with all the trimmings, all the dishes, and all the clean up afterwards. My Grandma didn’t even have a dishwasher and how about all the cleaning of the house before the party? Many of us stress about the cleanliness of our house on a regular day, let alone for a party.
In honor of my Grandma, I decided to have friends and family over to make cookies this week. No, it isn’t a full-fledged Christmas party, but at least it is a “get-together” to do something fun, eat cookies, drink egg nog, and share some laughs.  And if my house isn’t that clean? *shrugs* So what.


  1. Good for you, Rebecca! More of us should have parties at this time of year, methinks...

    Anyway, I stopped over because I read about you and your book, "The Earl's Christmas Colt." It sounds like a lot of fun!

    Best of luck with that, and have a wonderful Christmas ahead.

    Barb Caffrey

  2. Hi Barb! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I agree--have a few more parties! I don't think most of us regret having people over, we just let ourselves get stressed about the "idea" of it. I think we should try to change our frame of mind about it. Even if your house is small or a little cluttered. I don't think people look at that when they come over, they are just glad for the diversion and the companionship :)